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Press Release

Jeanne Grand Ol' Opry

Jeanne's Facebook post right before appearance at Grand Ol' Opry July 2014

Whoo Hoo! I'll be "Live on stage from the GRAND OLE OPRY" this Friday & Saturday nights. Been on before. Treated royally by nice folks. I'll do 8 mins & amazing thing is: I don't sing or play musical instrument. Tried both. But after first 15 yrs of giving humorous talks, people started paying me more NOT to sing or play my ukulele. Very sad. (Y'all think I'm kidding. Um, no.) Usually, million+ listeners worldwide each show & 4000+ in audience at Opry so great opportunity to extend my brand of humor. Do listen in! Go to:

1-800-962-6268   1-336-584-9641  or
Burlington, NC 27215
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