Who Will Crown the New Miss North Carolina?
Eyewitness News 11 ABC, by Nick Smith:
The speculation is over. We now know who will crown this year's Miss North Carolina. De-throned beauty queen, Rebekah Revels had hoped to do the honors, so did her successor, Misty Clyner, but now we know the task will be carried out by Miss North Carolina 1963.

N.C.'s pageant pair to miss out on finale
By Jamie Levy, June 18, Pageantry News

For the past year, two women with conflicting claims to the Miss North Carolina crown have toured the state's elementary schools and its pickle and strawberry festivals.

But Saturday night, nether will be on hand to crown a successor to the now-controversial throne thanks to legal issues emerging from the ongoing tiara throwdown.

Instead, pageant organizers have tapped a winner from 40 years ago to do the honors their way of finding a crown jewel amid a royal pain.

Restoration work
Pageant organizers hope that by bringing back Miss North Carolina 1963, Jeanne Swanner Robertson, to crown the 2003 winner, they can restore the tiara's glitter.

"She kind of brings back the glory days of Miss North Carolina, when it was a glamorous thing," pageant spokesman Josef Walker said. "It's a rebirth of the pageant this year. ... I hope we're back on the right path.

Pageant organizers dealt with one of the biggest dramas who would crown the winner with a bow to the past.
Matt Ehlers, News and Observer, June, 2003

Jeanne Swanner Robertson, Miss North Carolina 1963, will handle the responsibility, an honor usually bestowed upon the previous year's winner. Robertson, 59, said pageant organizers first approached her about the possibility a couple of months ago when they told her she would receive the 2003 Women of Achievement award.